Rebecca Sealy Hospital Energy Audit – University of Texas Medical Branch

Galveston, TX

LAN performed a study of the building envelope, utility-consuming systems, and energy management systems serving UTMB’s Rebecca Sealy Hospital. Originally built in 1945, the 411,000 SF hospital comprises three buildings which include offices, academic housing, classrooms, surgery suits, conference centers, and the central plant. LAN evaluated the typical energy consuming systems, such as lighting and HVAC, and also the medical utility systems. The study resulted in a proposed energy reduction usage of 31.7%.

To collect data, LAN performed field observations, interviewed UTMB maintenance personnel, and collected operating systems’ data points and original building design plans. Several energy conservation measures were applied, with significant energy savings opportunities in HVAC systems. These HVAC energy savings were achieved through the reduction of outside air preconditioning based on occupancy, modulation of fan and pump motors via variable frequency drives, and decreasing wasteful mixing of hot and cold air streams in dual-duct air handling systems. LAN also recommended several minor energy-related maintenance and repair solutions.

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411,000 SF hospital

Proposed energy usage savings: 31.7%


Evaluation of building envelope, utility-consuming systems, and energy management systems

Energy conservation measures

Maintenance and repair recommendations


Condition Assessment

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing


University of Texas Medical Branch

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