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Houston METRO, through the Houston Rapid Transit – Joint Venture (HRT), engaged LAN to advance the Preliminary Engineering design of the South East Corridor, through final design and construction. HRT is the Design-Builder under a “hybrid” design-build delivery system for METRO in its system-wide expansion by the facility provider.

As the prime design consultant, LAN worked with HRT to prepare a final integrated design of the South East Corridor. The new segment is 6.14 miles, connecting the Central Business District with the University of Houston, Texas Southern University, and the Palm Center in southeast Houston.

LAN worked with the project team to advance preliminary design in just eight months. The LAN Team included 18 DBE specialty subcontractors. All team members including subcontractors worked in LAN’s Houston office.

LAN provided program oversight and coordinated other design contracts associated with the overall corridor program; specifically, structural design elements, and systems design elements. LAN developed boundaries and prepared the plats legal descriptions for all right-of-way, including fee title parcels, permanent easements, and temporary easements. LAN coordinated with agencies in the acquisition of permits, environmental clearances and utility agreements. The project involved coordination with separate design contracts for systems, aerial structures, and stations.

At a glance

$360,000,000 project

6.14 miles of track

6 new stations


The design scope required:

  • Public and private utility adjustments
  • Street modifications to accommodate at grade rail operations within the street right-of-way
  • Urban design and landscaping along the corridor
  • Station design for six new light rail stations
  • Permanent traffic signage and signal design
  • Temporary maintenance of traffic and access design during construction
  • Right-of-way and parcel identification
  • Stormwater hydrology and hydraulic modeling for street drainage inlets, storm piping, and bridges guideway and track design
  • Yard track and maintenance facility structures



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