Public Works Facility – City of Galveston

Galveston Texas

LAN analyzed the space requirements for a proposed 20,000 square foot Public Works Facility for the City of Galveston. The new building houses the customer service, surveying, plumbing, construction division, compliance division, utilities department, streets, traffic, drainage departments, and other critical municipal services. As part of this analysis, LAN prepared a report based on staff and space forecasts, department criteria descriptions, adjacencies, and planning criteria.

Subsequently, LAN utilized this information to prepare construction documents for the demolition of infrastructure that was judged inadequate to meet the City’s future projected needs and the redevelopment of the remaining existing buildings, including reconfiguring of other existing infrastructure and construction of new facilities that will meet the City’s future needs. This facility was tailored to support all anticipated City administration and business operations. It was also configured to support future planned municipal growth and expansion based on projections by the City’s planning department.

Because the project is in a storm surge area, a wave climate model was developed using the storm wind speed, topographic features, and FEMA 1% return period storm surge elevations to determine the non-breaking wave heights and flood velocities. The modeling simulated wind-driven wave growth across open water within Galveston Bay and the inundated areas within the City of Galveston. The Automated Coastal Engineering System (ACES) model from the USACE was used to determine the wave growth, wave run-up, and flow velocities at the project site. The probabilistic significant wave height was determined to calculate the wave run-up forces on the perimeter walls, which shield the built-up site fill from storm surge and reduce the risk of erosion of the fill from storm surge.

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