Program Management Support Consultant – Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Austin Texas

LAN served as the Program Management Support Consultant (PMSC) for the implementation of projects under the All Systems Go Long-Range Transit Plan. The LAN team provided staffing and technical support in the management of All Systems Go projects, including planning, design, and construction of Capital MetroRail Red Line commuter rail service between downtown Austin and Leander.

The LAN team provided project design criteria and standard design packages for station foundations and finishes. LAN also assisted Capital Metro with identification and evaluation of potential station sites based on a variety of considerations including environmental, operational, constructibility, schedule, and cost. LAN also prepared numerous assessments of alignment and phasing options for track and station projects, as well as future service expansions. Construction cost estimates and implementation schedules were prepared, along with reports summarizing significant design, construction and operating considerations.

LAN’s scope for the Red Line design and construction projects included construction of upgrades to the existing railroad tracks, siding tracks, nine train stations, three bridge structures, and a rail maintenance facility. One of the bridge structures included a span of the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR), which required close coordination with UPRR during the design and construction phases. The LAN team also prepared Capital Metro’s Rail-with-Trail Feasibility Study, which involved numerous stakeholder meetings and evaluation of potential alignments. The study developed implementation priorities for 11 candidate projects.

At a glance

$100 million project cost

32-mile commuter rail service envisioned as the first phase of a comprehensive rail system for the Austin area

Nine train stations

First commuter rail in Texas

Coordination with TxDOT; UPRR; FRA; City of Austin; Capitol Metro; City of Leander; City of Round Rock

First high capacity transit system for Capital Metro


LAN team prepared Capital Metro’s Rail-with-Trail Feasibility Study that developed implementation priorities for 11 candidate projects

Creation of five new quiet zones incorporating 60 existing railroad grade crossings

Operates in a shared use corridor with Austin Western Railroad and Commuter Rail

Obtained FRA Waivers for operating Non-compliant Commuter Rail Vehicle DMU’s in a shared use corridor

Rail vehicle is stylized Stadler DMU

Value engineering for grade separation at UPRR in McNeil, TX



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