Plan Check Review – Orange County Public Works

Santa Ana California

LAN has been providing development review services for water quality, drainage, grading, and utility compliance for developments submitted to Orange County Public Works. Rancho Mission Viejo is the main developer of the proposed 14,000 residential dwelling units and 120 acres of non-residential uses within the San Juan Creek watershed. The development includes approximately 32 miles of backbone storm drain, 21 storm drain outfalls, and 22 flood control basins along with hydromodifcation control facilities.

Services include review of runoff management plan (ROMP) and its compliance with grading plans, temporary debris/detention basins, storm drain improvement plans, drainage studies, storm water pollution prevention plans, water quality management plans and grading plans. This responsibility requires a full understanding of Orange County standards, drainage manuals, water quality guidance documents, RWQCB permits and recommendation for County approval.

At a glance

32 miles of storm drain

21 storm drain outfalls

22 flood control basins


Runoff Management Plan

Storm drain improvement plans

Drainage studies

Storm water pollution prevention

Water quality management plans



Plan check review

Project compliance

Permitting review


Orange County Public Works

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