Navigation Channel Improvements – Cedar Bayou Navigation District

Chambers County Texas

LAN assisted the Cedar Bayou Navigation District with the development of improvements to the existing Cedar Bayou Barge Channel. LAN’s services included both project definition and plan formulation to evaluate various project alternatives, resulting in a feasibility study and environmental impact study to address Corps of Engineers requirements, federal permit application and preliminary design. LAN also supported the District with seeking federal authorization and funding for both construction and long-term maintenance.

Navigation simulation was performed to confirm the proposed channel geometry, requirements for bend easings and related barge navigation requirements for multiple barge tow configurations. Dredged material disposal was a major concern for both initial construction and 50-year maintenance and included both upland disposal and beneficial use components in the disposal plan. LAN evaluated the feasibility of improving the channel from its current natural state and approximate nine-foot depth to a constructed cross section of 10 feet deep by 100 feet wide. Several existing disposal sites were identified and investigated for structural condition, capacity and future utility.

LAN modeled existing hydrologic and hydraulic conditions along Cedar Bayou to compare proposed channel deepening and widening alternatives. The results quantified the acreage flooded and flood elevations along several locations on the channel. Alternative configurations were modeled and provided the incremental benefits for each option on flooding conditions. LAN also modeled a proposed cut-off channel and its potential siltation based on relationships between flow velocities and channel capacity.

The project was performed under Section 203 of the Water Resources Development Act.

At a glance

3.7 million cubic yards of dredged material

8.5 miles of channel

Barge channel simulation

Beneficial use of dredged material

USACE Coordination


Performed in cooperation with the USACE Galveston District

Federal permit application

Funding assistance


Barge Navigation

Dredging & Disposal

Federal Permitting

Navigation Simulation

Planning & Modeling


Cedar Bayou Navigation District

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