Mykawa Road Reconstruction – City of Pearland

Pearland Texas

LAN is currently in the process of preliminary engineering and final design for a 3-mile segment reconstruction and expansion of Mykawa Road. The project spans through Pearland, Houston, and Brookside Village, crossing two counties (Harris and Brazoria), and is funded by federal sources and a City of Pearland contribution. The project is managed through TxDOT’s LGPP program.

LAN’s approach involves close coordination with Pearland and TxDOT Houston District for insights, cost-saving strategies, and addressing crucial matters. This effort includes the conversion of the current two-lane undivided roadway into a four-lane divided roadway, with LAN designing a comprehensive reconstruction adhering to TxDOT standards.

To facilitate Mykawa’s mobility and safety enhancements, LAN conducted a meticulous assessment of right-of-way requirements. Meetings were held with both the city and stakeholders along the corridor to comprehend the community’s preferences and aspirations for Mykawa’s development. LAN’s design for Mykawa encompasses provisions for bicycles and pedestrians, featuring a 10-foot shared-use path (SUP) on the west side and a 6-foot sidewalk on the east side between FM 518 and McHard Road.

At a glance

Complete roadway reconstruction

Drainage design

Improved pedestrian and bike connectivity


ROW and easement acquisition

Optimized traffic control and operations plans

Urban design






City of Pearland

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