MEP Facility Condition Assessment – Confidential Healthcare Client

Fort Worth Texas

LAN provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing assessments in the development of an Enterprise Risk Management Program for a confidential healthcare network in Texas. The project included the assessment of current conditions of facilities, utilities, and infrastructure. LAN worked with the client to establish a list of all components requiring testing and inspection. The LAN team identified and recommended existing deferred maintenance, repairs, and upgrades required. Additionally, LAN conducted a life-cycle analysis of all components. LAN introduced software to manage the assessment and capital management, gathered inventory to be integrated into their equipment maintenance software upgrade. LAN is using the information gathered and recommendations in the development of the Client’s 10-year Capital Improvement Plan.

The field work for this assessment was unique and complex. The field work spanned four months and was performed in an active healthcare facility during the pandemic. Enhanced overall safety precautions were taken during the entire assessment in all areas assessed, including the active COVID unit. LAN used HEPA carts to access above ceiling areas.

The project’s scope of work included a comprehensive arc flash study and analysis of the primary electrical service and distribution systems for four facilities. The overall average age of all these facilities vary which led to case-by-case evaluation. LAN provided reports of findings and recommendations for corrective actions necessary to bring the facilities into compliance with current OSHA, NFPA, and NEC standards. The work included field data acquisition, verifying existing electrical service, and distribution system configuration for each facility.

At a glance

More than 2 million SF assessed

34 buildings

Assessment in an active healthcare facility


Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems assessment

Asset management software

Capital improvement planning

Arc flash study


Facility Assessment

Arc Flash Study


Confidential Healthcare Client