Memorial City Regional Drainage Study – TIRZ 17, Memorial City Redevelopment Authority

Houston Texas

LAN developed the TCEC Silver award-winning study for a community in west Houston with well-documented flooding issues. InfoWorks SD was utilized to collectively analyze the existing drainage systems and to identify and prioritize recommended improvement projects. The 4,000-acre study area included three open channels totaling more than five miles and more than 55 miles of storm sewer.

The 2D modeling approach allowed LAN to simulate actual flooding conditions by defining the extent of the overland sheetflow and conveyance issues. This was paramount to the ultimate goal of developing effective solutions from both a function and cost perspective. Problem areas were documented and the primary issues or deficiencies were identified. Regional challenges included perched channels with contributing storm sewers much lower than the receiving channel top of bank, inadequate overland flow conveyance, undersized storm sewers, and low slab elevations.

A custom GIS model was developed to quickly assess the benefits of a potential improvement alternative. Benefits were characterized by items such as number of structures removed from flooding and number of critical intersections/thoroughfares made passable for emergency vehicles. This tool was used to efficiently review variations of different improvement alternatives, making it possible to optimize the individual solutions. LAN worked closely with all stakeholders, including the City of Houston, to review improvement options for conceptual approval before beginning the full alternatives analysis.

At a glance

4,000 acres

5 miles of open channel

55 miles of storm sewer

Silver Medal Winner for Engineering Excellence, Texas Council of Engineering Companies

Largest 2D study in North America

$120 million Capital Improvement Plan


The 2D modeling approach simulated actual flooding conditions to identify problem areas

Public outreach was used to solicit and collect flooding information

A custom GIS model was developed to quickly assess the benefits of a potential improvement alternative


Stormwater Management


TIRZ 17, Memorial City Redevelopment Authority

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