Program Management Consultant for Infrastructure Assessment and Replacement Program – MDWASD

Miami Florida

LAN serves as the program management consultant for the comprehensive water infrastructure and assessment program. LAN, along with its team of sub-consultants, is devising and establishing a comprehensive program to evaluate and rehabilitate Miami-Dade County’s water transmission and distribution mains.

As part of this three-year contract, LAN will provide the following services:

  • Asset Inventory: Updating the County’s inventory of more than 7,700 miles of water transmission and distribution mains of all diameter sizes
  • Condition Assessment: Determining the condition of the water mains through observation, manned entry assessments and indirect monitoring
  • Prioritization: Prioritizing water mains that need remediation based on technical, environmental and societal criteria
  • Technical Support: Providing the County with technical support for the repairing/replacing/rehabilitating of the deteriorated water mains
  • Valuation: Analyzing the water transmission and distribution mains using hydraulic modeling and geographic information system (GIS) data

Establishing this program will provide a cost-effective method to rehabilitate the County’s critical infrastructure and extend its useful life by proactively identifying and rehabilitating the most critical areas of the County’s infrastructure, in order to provide better service to residents and businesses while preventing costly system failures and service disruptions.

WASD is the largest water utility in the Southeast United States and the seventh largest in the country, serving more than 420,000 retail customers and 15 municipal wholesale customers.

At a glance

Prioritization of the entire MDWASD water system to ensure no future pipe failures

Added QA check points/forms for MDWASD inspectors to use in conjunction with CFRP

Route Analysis for replacement or rehabilitation of a 54-inch water line


LAN has provided the assessment of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer for repairs on 48-, 54-, and 96-inch pipes

Evaluated two new technologies for the rehabilitation of water pipe

Updated two specifications: one for pipes and one for rehabilitation


Program Management

Pipeline Design, Condition Assessment & Rehabilitation


Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department

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