Master Drainage Plan – City of Houston

Houston Texas

This ongoing effort will be completed in early 2024 and  includes detailed 1D/2D modeling of road side ditches,  storm sewer, and Harris County Flood Control District channels. LAN is leading the Brays Bayou effort, which includes over 1,000 miles of storm sewer, 600 miles of roadside ditch,121 miles of channels, and 107 square miles of total contributing flow. The COH MDP is a rain-on-mesh modeling effort that seeks to better understand flood risks as a result of the local collection systems (non-riverine). Throughout the City of Houston, this effort can easily be leveraged to understand system capacity and areas of influence and determine potential loss rates. In lieu of estimates, this data could be directly used to inform drainage capacity  within the City of Houston.


2-Dimensional modeling with InfoWorks ICM

Drainage master planning


2-Dimensional modeling


City of Houston

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