LaQuinta Cargo Yard – Port of Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi Texas

The LaQuinta Cargo Yard is the initial/interim development and is part of a larger 150-acre master-planned multi-purpose yard along the LaQuinta Channel near Gregory-Portland, Texas. LAN designed this initial 15-acre development, for general cargo operations adjacent to a new 1,000 LF ship and barge dock. The cargo yard is designed for multi-use cargo operations with potential conversion to a containerized operation in the future.

The overall drainage and grading plans are designed to ultimately capture first flush runoff (first 1-1/4 inch rainfall event) within the cargo yard to reduce the discharge of suspended solids into Corpus Christi Bay. The grading design will require the construction of drainage structures that outfall into a 5-acre first flush pond.

The project also includes the 1,200 LF extension of an existing access road. A perimeter fence provides security and a manned guard booth will be located at the entry and exit to the cargo yard. Temporary facilities will be utilized in this phase, including a building/trailer for administrative activities and office space/sanitation facilities.

LAN designed the utilities service into the cargo yard including electrical, water, and sanitary sewer. Initial electrical and communication demands are relatively low for this phase but the full buildout underground power and communication conduits and ductbanks are being constructed for future crane, building, refrigerated container, and ship-to-shore power. The interim pavement system consists of stabilized base material, but will be replaced with a permanent, heavy duty, pavement system in the future. Steel sheet pile bulkheads were designed along the east and west sides to stabilize the boundaries.

At a glance

15-acre cargo yard

1,200 LF road extension

5-acre first flush pond


Complete utility design

Flexible interim pavement design

Multi-use cargo operations

Steel sheet pile bulkheads

First flush drainage system



Marine Terminal Development

Stormwater Management

Structural Engineering

Utility Design


Port of Corpus Christi

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