Goforth Road – City of Kyle

Kyle, Texas

The City of Kyle contracted LAN to design transportation improvements for a 1.4-mile section of Goforth Road. Improvements include the expansion of the existing 2-lane roadway to 4 lanes, and the addition of a bridge over Plum Creek, storm sewers and inlets, curb and gutter features, and a 10 foot wide shared use path to safely accommodate children attending a nearby elementary school.

These improvements will facilitate the movement of traffic at Susie Fuentes Elementary School as well as introduce additional safety features design to slow traffic speed along the project route.

This project includes plans, specifications and estimates, right-of-way, traffic control plans, and water quality and environmental clearance documents. Construction is expected to let June 2015 and will be complete by spring 2016.

At a glance

1.4 mile project

$9 million construction estimate

8000 vehicles per day

18 utility poles relocated

1 new bridge over Plum Creek


Shared use bicycle/pedestrian path

Improved drainage

Added safety around nearby school




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