General Engineering Consultant Light Rail Build-Out – Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)

Dallas, Garland, Richardson, and Plano Texas

As part of a Joint Venture, DART selected LAN as GEC for the build-out of their 25-mile LRT system to the cities of Richardson, Plano, and Garland. The line to Garland, identified as the NE corridor or Blue Line Extension, is approximately 12.5 miles long, and was constructed with all local funds. The line to Richardson and Plano, or Red Line Extension, is also 12.5 miles long, and included federal funds.

Each LRT corridor included three contract packages, and total system contracts for Track and Landscaping services. The design schedules were aggressive, with each of the eight contract packages allowing about one year for design. The two corridors included 14 grade separation structures, six major bridge structures including two that spanned IH 635, four aerial stations, and nine at-grade stations with park-and-ride lots at many of the stations. Extensive drainage studies were required to meet new design requirements without changes to upstream or downstream property owners. The total program was completed six months ahead of schedule and $75M below budget.

LAN augmented DART’s in-house engineering staff, with over 100 staff co-located in the DART office and managed over 50 subconsultants through the length of the project.

At a glance

25 miles of double track 12 miles to Garland and 12 miles to Plano

$700 million program

Included four (4) of DART’s first Aerial Stations (Park Lane, Walnut Hill, Forest Lane and Spring Valley)

Included a mile long aerial structure over the White rock Creek Flood Plain in east Dallas.

The 24 miles was divided into 6 approximately four (4) mile segments, three to Plano and three to Garland

In lieu of “Lime Treated” subgrade prior to subballast placement a cost and schedule saving geo-grid reinforcement was utilized for the first time by DART.


LAN managed more than 50 sub-consultants through the length of the project.

DART’s first light rail project

Relocated a historic truss railroad bridge from White Rock Creek to be used by DGNO over Duck Creek in Garland.

Refurbished a truss bridge over White Creek on the red line for use as one of the LRT bridges.


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