Gate 12 Master Plan – Port Freeport

Freeport Texas

LAN prepared the Gate 12 Master Plan to serve the Port’s expanding Velasco Terminal. An iterative planning and analysis process was utilized by LAN to establish the requirements of the facility, develop options, and refine the preferred option. Innovative technologies were evaluated to pair with Port Freeport’s current gate practices to optimize gate operations at the proposed facility. LAN identified a preferred phasing plan of the gate complex through ultimate buildout to accommodate current and future needs for Port Freeport, while promoting a smooth transition at each expansion for equipment and operation. Additionally, LAN sized and provided an ultimate plan for all proposed project utilities and features.

At a glance

600,000 – 700,000 TEUs at full buildout

Eight lanes inbound and outbound

Fully automated


Iterative/interactive planning process with Port staff

Planned for expansion

Phased for terminal growth

Full operational and infrastructure plan


Terminal Planning


Port Freeport

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