Fire & Emergency Services Site – Harris County Emergency Services District No. 60

Houston Texas

LAN provided civil site services for an Emergency Service Building and Fire Station. The project included a due diligence report of the 5.25-acre tract and research of the zoning and platting provisions required by the local regulatory agencies. LAN determined the availability of wet and dry utilities and examined the feasibility of installing a well and septic system in lieu of utilizing public utilities. In addition, LAN researched the site improvements required to develop the property, including drainage, grading, detention, landscaping, parking, traffic, and fire lane requirements.

Following the due diligence report, LAN prepared a civil site plan for a 9,800 SF fire station and 12,000 SF EMS building located on the site. LAN designed the grading, paving, drainage, and utilities to meet Harris County requirements. In addition, a 1.53-acre detention pond and private water system for the site was designed. The private water system included a 50-gallon-per-minute water well, 23,000-gallon water storage tank, portable booster pumps, and a fire pump system. Additionally, LAN calculated the cut and fill volume for the soil needed for the site and performed a materials quantity take off and construction cost estimate.

At a glance

5.25-acre tract

1.53-acre detention pond

50-gpm wet well


9,800 SF Fire Station

12,000 SF EMS Building


Land & Site Development


Harris County Emergency Services District No. 60

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