Facility Condition Assessment – Pedernales Electric Cooperative

Johnson City Texas

LAN performed a comprehensive inventory of one of the largest distribution electric cooperatives in the nation —covering 8,100 square miles and serving 248,000+ utility meters in twenty-four counties in Texas. Using strategic scheduling capabilities to maximize time in the field, LAN’s professionals performed an assessment of architectural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems at 36 buildings across 20 campuses. LAN also provided a fire, life, and safety code review and an energy efficiency best practices report. The assessment provided PEC with a solution for day-to-day operations management as well as a “roadmap” for long-term capital planning efforts for PEC’s growth.

At a glance

238,000+ SF facilities assessed

36 buildings

20 campuses

Facility condition assessment database


Comprehensive inventory

Facilities planning & growth

Energy efficiencies study


Condition Assessment


Pedernales Electric Cooperative

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