El Campo ISD – Bond Program Management

El Campo Texas

LAN performed pre-bond services and program management as part of the District’s 2005 Bond referendum. LAN initially conducted a thorough conditions assessment of each facility and completed a District-wide master plan which included recommendations for the construction of two new facilities. LAN performed total program management services for the construction of the two new facilities; a practice gymnasium and replacement for the aging El Campo Middle School.

The new 14,000 SF gymnasium replaced the aging El Campo High School practice gymnasium provided increased athletic practice space, an indoor physical education area, locker rooms, and storage. The new structure used clerestory windows constructed of glass to allow daylight into the main area of the gym. Additionally,the practice court was proportioned to provide two cross-court basketball practice areas and two courts for competitive volleyball use.

The new 138,000 SF middle school was designed and constructed as an energy efficient, high performance learning center to house 900 students. In anticipation of future growth, core spaces were designed to meet educational standards for capacity of 1,000 students, and the design included options for additional classroom to be constructed in determined locations. The facility includes an administration/support area, classrooms, athletic areas, fine arts programs, library/media center, and a common/cafeteria area. The academic area is developed around classroom “wings”, which separates noisy activities and programs from the quieter academic instructional areas.

At a glance

$19.3 million bond program

138,000 SF middle school

14,000 SF gymnasium replacement


Pre-bond services

Facility condition assessment

Master planning

Management of design through construction

Design reflecting the historic downtown district

Traffic engineering


K-12 Bond Program Management


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