Duncanville Independent School District Bond Program Audit

Duncanville Texas

LAN is providing Duncanville ISD with services to audit the ongoing performance of their $102.54 million 2014 Bond Program. The District self-managed the bond with internal resources, who eventually departed the District. While the audit is addressing contract compliance, process controls, adherence to schedule and alignment of budget to public commitments, the main emphasis of the work is financial cost reconciliation.

LAN is working with the District to review purchase orders, contracts, and expenditures to reconstruct spending on the program, partly because of a change in financial management software.

At a glance

$102.54 million bond program
Replacement of two Elementary Schools
Repurposing of Intermediate School
Expansion of Elementary School and Middle School
$14.3 million in facility upgrades/improvements
District-wide safety and security & technology upgrades


Bond audit for contract and budget compliance
Process controls review
Financial management review


K-12 Bond Program Management


Duncanville Independent School District

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