Channelview ISD – Bond Program Management

Channelview Texas

LAN is providing program management services for Channelview ISD’s 2019 $195.4 million Bond Program. LAN was hired late in the program after several major projects were already underway. LAN is overseeing the construction of two new elementary schools for the District, McGhee Elementary and DeZavala Elementary.

McGhee Elementary School is located across from Channelview High School and replaced the existing Cobb & Schochler campuses. The new, fully operational 162,000 SF campus houses 1,100 students, serving grades K-5.

DeZavala Elementary will accommodate 850 students and serve grades K-5. The 137,000 SF facility will replace the existing DeZavala campus that was originally built in 1945. The campus is currently under construction and is set to open November 1, 2023.

Both facilities will include controlled entrances, security cameras, improved parking and play areas, and technology that supports the modern learning environment.

LAN will provide the District with key services to ensure the Program has a strong and successful completion. Services will include project management for bidding and construction of a new elementary school and auditing and project closeout services for additional buildings on campus.

At a glance

$195.4 million bond program

Two new elementary schools to replace existing facilities

Advanced security

New modern learning technology


Program Management Services

Consultant Selection

Design Review

Schedule/Budget Monitoring

Land Purchase

Project Closeout


K-12 Bond Program Management


Channelview Independent School District

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