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LAN has provided economic evaluations, engineering studies, and design and construction-phase services for utility and building systems projects at Texas A&M since 1948. Systems have included electric power, natural gas, water, sanitary and storm sewer, and chilled water and steam.
LAN provided design and construction-phase services for the replacement of four 1,500-ton absorption chillers Boiler No. 8 at the central utility plant. To accommodate the owner’s request to have one steam-driven and one electrically driven boiler feedwater pump, an evaluation and upgrade to the plant’s electrical system was required. LAN prepared a heat balance of this complex central plant, which included an existing gas turbine cogeneration system, fired boilers, two extraction steam turbine generators, absorption chillers, centrifugal chillers, and various steam-driven auxiliary equipment. The model allowed simulation of various changes to the plant design and operating strategy to determine the impact on purchased utilities and allowed optimization of equipment sizing and performance specifications.
LAN conducted a study of the electrical distribution system, including computer analysis of load flow, short circuit, and relay coordination. Specific recommendations addressed type and rating of switchgear, installation of additional utility service transformers, addition of 15-kV feeders, and expansion of the cogeneration system.

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