Center for the Arts and Library HVAC Upgrades – Texas A&M University System

Corpus Christi TX

LAN designed HVAC system replacements for two art studios at the Center for the Arts and the rare archives section of the Mary & Bell Library at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. The new systems were designed to integrate with the existing campus system.

The university was experiencing problems with fumes from chemicals in two of the art studios and was concerned about the safety of the occupants of the room. LAN designed an upgrade to the HVAC system to provide proper air pressurization and fresh air quantities to alleviate the poor IAQ caused by paint and cleanser fumes. The new system included a heat recovery wheel and controls to maximize energy efficiency. The design resulted in a system that would pay back the cost compared to a conventional system in fewer than five years. Construction phasing allowed one studio to be occupied while the other was under construction.

LAN also designed a new variable air volume HVAC system with humidification equipment for the rare archives section of Bell Library. The new system replaced an old multi-zone air handling system that was not capable of properly controlling the space’s relative humidity. LAN’s design provided a relative humidity that was approximately 15 percent lower than the surrounding rooms. The system was designed to maintain a constant relative humidity in order to preserve the books from the stress of Corpus Christi’s high humidity levels. LAN also designed the digital control (DDC) system to integrate with the existing campus system to simplify its use.

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HVAC system replacements

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15% reduction in humidity through HVAC design

Phased construction for continued building operations


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