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San Antonio, Texas

Since 2006, LAN has provided continuous services to support the District’s capital improvement planning, including ongoing assessment services at all of the District’s campuses and recommendations for facility repair and replacement projects. The work has provided the client with an understanding of their operational needs and support cost-effective decision making for their long-term planning.

LAN performed a comprehensive conditions assessment of more than 200 facilities. The effort was sought in the midst of a Capital Improvements Program in which the District increased its total square footage by approximately 50 percent to 4.6 million SF. Following the initial data collection effort, LAN has provided ongoing assessment services. This annual effort includes updates to facility condition data when renovations are completed at existing buildings and has added almost 1 million square feet of new facilities to the inventory.

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“LAN is one of Alamo Colleges’ ‘go to’ firms for facilities-related solutions, guidance, expertise, and expediency.”

John Styrbos, PE, Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities

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