Bulverde Road PS&E – Bexar County

San Antonio Texas

LAN designed plans, specifications and estimates for the expansion and widening of Bulverde Road in north San Antonio, Texas. The existing two-lane rural roadway will be widened to a four-lane urban roadway and include the addition of curbs and a center turn lane, as well as a traffic signal at the intersection of Bulverde Oaks.

This 1.2-mile project required the inclusion of three water-quality ponds due to its location within the environmentally sensitive Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone. These ponds are designed to filter pollution and sediment from roadway water runoff. This project also incorporates added drainage features such as expanding box culverts at three major creek crossings.

At a glance

$8 million construction cost

1.2-mile project

86-foot right-of-way

Fourth phase in five-phase project


Water-quality ponds

Pollution mitigation

Drainage improvements




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Bexar County

1,250 sq miles:

size of Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone

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