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LAN designed a 450-foot extension of the existing Berth 5 Wharf to facilitate the loading and unloading of cargo ships for a range of sizes and tonnage. The wharf extension and backland space directly adjacent will include civil and electrical utility tie-ins and future utility stub-outs to develop a full potable and fire water system, site electrical and lighting distribution features, and drainage features.

To provide for navigation and access to the proposed wharf extension, the project will require dredging and excavation in the southwest corner of Brazos Harbor to an elevation of -37.5 feet. In conjunction with the wharf extension, approximately 1,000 LF of the existing Velasco Drainage District storm protection levee will require relocation to allow for shipping access to the proposed wharf. As part of the levee relocation, adequate stability and erosion protection will be required along the edge of the new harbor configuration to protect the integrity of the levee. The items included in the scope of this design consist of the wharf structure, fenders and mooring features, steel sheet-pile bulkhead, underground pipeline and overhead electric utility relocation, utility connections and site distribution, harbor dredging, dredged material placement, levee relocation, and slope protection. LAN modified the existing US Army Corps of Engineers Section 10/404 permit application to include the design footprint in preparation for construction.

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450-foot dock extension

1,000 LF of levee relocation

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USACE permit application


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