Aldine ISD – Bond Program Construction Management

Houston, Texas

As a part of Aldine ISD’s $785 million 2015 bond program, LAN is Program Manager for repair projects across the District. In this role, LAN’s work will affect 54 of the district’s educational facilities and provide repairs ranging from simple spot repairs to comprehensive MEP and interior upgrades.

LAN worked with Aldine ISD to develop logical work packages to satisfy a desire by the District to ensure participation by many design firms and the ability to be aggressive with the project schedules. LAN assisted the district with an architectural selection process that fielded ten architecture firms and assisted with the selection of five engineering firms to provide MEP design services. Additionally, LAN worked with pre-approved district suppliers and vendors to perform small scope of work assignments.

Altogether, LAN is managing fifteen prime consultants. To initiate the program, LAN scrutinized the Facility Condition Assessment furnished by another Program Manager to determine a scope of work that reflected the District priorities and spending thresholds. In concert with the District, LAN defined standards of acceptability and contracted with the selected consultants to validate the findings of the assessment and prepare scope of work summaries and budgets. In the course of just six months since the completion of project prioritization and grouping, more than $80 Million across fifty-four schools and twenty eight companies is either designed or in construction.LAN is responsible for review of the work produced by the consultants, contract cost management, schedule coordination and construction administration activities.

LAN works with the District staff to manage the bidding, contracting and payment processes within the guidelines established by the District. Our aggressive approach to the projects has the team forecast to complete the work over a year ahead of the District’s schedule.

At a glance

$785 million bond program

Repairs and upgrades to 54 facilities

Upgrades and renovations to aging facilities


Management/oversight of design through construction

Bond planning & programming

Management of 15 consultants

The strategic packaging of $80 million in renovations & upgrades

The phased packaging of 54 facilities in less than 6 months

Upgrades and renovations to aging facilities


Bond Program Management


Aldine Independent School District

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