Airports & Aviation

Creating a Better Passenger
Experience by Design

At the center of every passenger’s travel experience is a coordinated system—a living whole that depends on good planning and design to run safely, efficiently, and profitably. Our aviation experts understand airport operations and apply more than 70 years of industry leadership, going back to the birth of commercial flight. We deliver projects with functional and aesthetic excellence that are optimized to improve your business. Terminal, tower, runway, parking structure, or master plan: We view every project as an opportunity enhance passenger experience.


Regional jet service accounts for 38% of all airline traffic in the United States


Airports that implement improvements see a 15% increase in boarding the year before the project finishes

Airports & Aviation Outlook

The Future of Airport Design...

Imagine an airport terminal that’s more like a sleek hotel lobby, with clean open spaces, no lines at check-in, and services delivered directly to travelers. It’s happening sooner than you think.

Example Projects