How Pandemics Affect Building Design (Source: Consulting Specifying-Engineer)

Jun 17, 2021

By CSE Staff

In the past 12 months, how has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the design of a building’s mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems?

Many people are scrambling to add UV lights in air handlers and sometimes in building spaces. If UV lights are not used, most buildings will be upgrading to MERV13 or higher filtration for the near future as a preventive measure.

What additional changes should engineers expect in building design as it relates to pandemics?

I expect every air handling unit will be designed and installed with UV light capabilities. It should be noted that while the air handling unit is not the best place for UV lights, it is the most cost-effective solution. I also see every unit being capable of handling MERV 13 filters whether they are installed or not