Goodwill in Guatemala (Source: Civil + Structural Engineer)

Aug 1, 2018

Author: Samuel LePore

September through February, much of South America experiences dryer, cooler weather. This means aquifers tend to be lower and the groundwater is lower near populated areas that draw water from those aquifers. This is amplified by the large amounts of water required for the region’s agricultural industry, specifically sugarcane, which I observed recently driving past a field at sunset in Masagua, Guatemala, with water jets shooting out over endless fields.

In February, I traveled to Guatemala to take part in installation of a drinking water well for a small community with little access to clean water — or any water at all at times. The opportunity to be part of this project was first presented to me in summer 2017. The logistics of the trip and the team were put together by Parkview Community Church, the church I attend with my family in Glen Ellyn, Ill. This church leads mission work all over the world in a variety of capacities. Providing clean water for those who do not have access to it is one of its global outreach goals.