Demand for Underground Detention Solutions Soaring in Texas (Source: Pumps & Systems)

Apr 10, 2023

By Hunter Hanson, PE, and Laura Casset, PE, CFM, CPESC

With substantial population growth in Texas, there are several challenging infrastructure problems cities in the state must solve, including stormwater management. With limited available real estate and rapidly rising real estate costs, traditional stormwater detention solutions, such as surface detention ponds, are becoming challenging to implement.

Cities in Texas are beginning to turn their attention to underground stormwater detention solutions. The city of Austin and city of Houston have recently embarked on two of the first major underground stormwater detention projects within the public right-of-way (ROW) in the state. There are many different considerations for when it makes sense to implement an underground detention solution. There are also many constructability challenges to address in the design of these systems.