A Texas-Sized Facility Assessment (Source: Facility Executive)

Dec 19, 2018

By Kyle LeBlanc

Texas is big. The Lone Star State’s size, landscape, and ever-increasing population means that its transportation system can also boast an “everything is bigger in Texas” tagline. With more than 675,000 lane miles, Texas outranks the next closest state—California—by nearly twice the amount of public roadway.  Much of this sprawling infrastructure is maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). To support this effort, TxDOT has a network of more than 2,700 facilities that range from 100 square foot storage sheds to 10,000 square foot administrative facilities that are, on average, 30 years old.

In 2008, TxDOT implemented its “Pennies to the Pavement” initiative, a program that ensures maintenance funding goes toward roadways, the agency’s primary responsibility. While the agency’s 26 districts have found innovative ways to stretch appropriated funding and improve overall road conditions, many administrative facilities in TxDOT’s network are in dire need of repair.