Street Reclamation Project – City of San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas

LAN provided project condition assessment, scope development, engineering design, and construction phase services for 59 projects (totaling approximately 80,000 LF/15.2 center-line miles) affiliated with the Street Maintenance Program under the City of San Antonio (CoSA) Infrastructure Management Program (IMP).

To determine the appropriate rehabilitation process, LAN evaluated pavement condition index data provided by CoSA and compared to various other criteria. LAN then met with CoSA staff to identify the exact project scope and develop construction cost estimates to fit the fiscal year budget. During the preliminary design phases of the project, LAN also evaluated existing roadway profiles, traffic volumes, accessibility, and potential flat-work repair. Drainage patterns, rehabilitation processes, and reconstruction alternatives were analyzed to finalize the project scope and begin design work.

During design, LAN evaluated the proposed profile adjustments along with existing base and subgrade material to improve overall drainage conveyance and reduce the potential for ponding, while preserving curb, sidewalks, and driveways. Where applicable, LAN identified the limits of removal and replacement for the appropriate flat-work repairs and depicted this on the construction drawings. The project also included signage, striping, speed humps and various other infrastructure components to improve the overall functionality of the street.

LAN coordinated directly with the project management team throughout the design phase to ensure the scope of the project was achieved and that the overall schedule and budget was maintained. In addition, LAN provided full bid phase and construction phase services to ensure the projects were constructed in accordance with City specifications.

At a glance

59 projects

80,000 LF

15.9 center-line miles

Affiliated with the Street Maintenance Program under the City of San Antonio (CoSA) Infrastructure Management Program (IMP)

Only 1 change order for all 59 projects


Worked directly with the geotechnical engineering firm to identify precise emulsion rates

Provided complete bid and construction phase services

Identified appropriate rehabilitation process for each project


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City of San Antonio

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