Freshpoint Remodel – SYSCO Corporation

Orlando Florida

The SYSCO Corporation Freshpoint project is an expansion of a 250K SF produce processing and distribution center. The site is designed to accommodate anticipated future expansions. LAN and LEO A DALY’s scope of work includes architecture, structural engineering, MEP engineering, and construction-phase services.The renovated facility will include the following:

• Renovation and expansion of 29,580 SF of cooler, cold dock, and additional dock offices and ancillary spaces;
• Relocation and renovation of 24,540 SF of produce cuts sanitary production areas, employee welfare areas, material handling equipment battery charging areas, maintenance areas, and other ancillary spaces
• 130K SF parking lot for employees and trucks including a new elevated guard house for site security
• 55,520 SF of new cooler consisting of multiple temperature zones, banana rooms, cold dock and dock offices
• An additional secondary electrical service provided for the newly constructed and renovated areas
• A new central ammonia refrigeration system to provide cooling for the cooler and production areas
• A new Reyco food waste system will be installed for production cuts waste
• Renovations to remediate the Loadmaster roofing system on the existing building

At a glance

Renovation/expansion of 250K SF facility

Produce processing & distribution center

New 55,520 cooler

New 130K SF parking lot


New central ammonia refrigeration system

New Reyco food waste system for waste reduction

Renovated employee welfare areas



Construction Management & Inspection


Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

Structural Engineering


SYSCO Corporation

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