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Houston, Sugar Land and Galveston Texas

In 2004, H-GAC conducted a study (updated in 2010) to identify districts where there were high levels of existing or potential pedestrian and bicyclist activity, where there were significant opportunities to replace vehicle trips with pedestrian or bicycle trips and to improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety. Fifteen districts were identified throughout the eight-county region, with Houston’s Montrose neighborhood, two (subsequently combined) districts in Galveston, the Sugar Land Town Center, the Airline Drive corridor, and the Fifth Ward found to be among the top locations in need of improvements.

H-GAC selected LAN to develop a conceptual master plan for comprehensive pedestrian and bicyclist improvements in the five studies. The LAN Team worked closely with the communities involved to define the best possible overall plan that fits the needs of the residents, businesses and visitors. Each of the five studies included coordinating improvements with existing or planned transit facilities, including commuter and local bus stops, streetcar routes and transit centers.

All five projects are moving towards implementation. The Montrose project is expected to become part of the CIP of a recently-formed management district; Airline was let for construction in 2014, and Fifth Ward is moving forward as part of a larger Livable Center project. Galveston and Sugar Land have a commitment of local matching funding and are expected to proceed as part of future roadway reconstruction.

At a glance

10,429 locations mapped for the 2010 study

8 counties in H-GAC study area

7,700 sq miles included in 2004 study area — comparable to land area of Massachusetts

15 districts identified for future study

LAN participated in 5 studies

$13 million: value of recommended improvements in 5 studies


2007 Award for Excellence given to Galveston Project by the National Institute of Transportation Engineers

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