Facility Condition Assessment – Pedernales Electric Cooperative

Johnson City, Texas

LAN performed facility condition assessments of properties owned and operated by the Pedernales Electric Cooperative, Inc. (PEC). As part of our work, LAN provided a facility assessment team of knowledgeable and detail oriented architects and engineers who performed several aspects of study related to PEC facilities. The assessment work performed included a comprehensive inventory of the PEC’s facilities and incorporated architectural systems, mechanical/electrical/plumbing systems, accessibility, staff safety, and site assessment.

LAN also provided a fire, life, and safety code review, and an energy efficiency best practices report. As the largest distribution electric cooperative in the nation — one that covers 8,100 square miles and serves more than 248,000 meters in twenty-four counties in Texas, PEC required a software solution to assist in the day-to-day management and capital planning efforts associated with their facilities. As part of the facility condition assessment, LAN provided a populated facility condition assessment database that encompassed inventory and condition related data of PEC’s building systems. The database included detailed information collected during on-site assessment work. Noted deficiencies were paired with photographic evidence and levels of prioritization based on PEC’s requests. LAN used the software to develop location-specific cost estimates based on industry-leading RS Means cost information data for the building systems and deficiencies found at each of PEC’s locations.

LAN’s effort provided a critical piece in the overall program aimed to provide a “roadmap” for facilities planning as PEC continues to grow.

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At a glance

Detailed facility condition assessment of 32 client-owned facilities

Approximately 240,000 sf asset portfolio distributed throughout central and west Texas

Completed physical facility assessments over a two week time period

Produced written report of deficiency observations and corrective actions

Identified and produced guideline report for energy efficiency best practices

Provided code review of all facilities in accordance with current International Building Code standards


Largest distribution electric cooperative in the nation

Covers 8,100 square miles and serves more than 248,000 members in twenty-four counties in Texas

Established in 1938 through the direction of Lyndon B. Johnson


Condition Assessment


Pedernales Electric Cooperative

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