Manufacturing Facility – Lonestar Plastics

Prattville, Alabama

LoneStar Plastics required evaluation of an existing property for conversion to a plastic bag manufacturing facility on a short, six month timeline. The existing building consisted of an 88,000-SF manufacturing area and a 7,000-SF administrative office area. This multifaceted project involved numerous tasks, including evaluation of the floor systems to determine if floors could handle the proposed loading; design of equipment foundations for printing equipment, repair, and resurfacing the entire industrial floor; relighting of the existing manufacturing area; removing all rooftop ventilation and exhaust equipment; adding AC in the manufacturing area; replacing damaged standing seam roofing; addition of an emergency generator; reconstruction of the trucking apron and trash compactor area; installing an abuse wall; and remodeling the administrative office and employee areas.

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95,000 SF


Conversion of existing facility to plastic bag manufacturing facility on a six-month timeline





LoneStar Plastics

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