Vehicle Maintenance Facility Master Plan – HEB

Houston, Texas

LAN developed a master plan to help determine the long range feasibility of maintaining an existing HEB vehicle maintenance facility (VMF) in its current location. The VMF supports approximately 700 vehicles with a support staff of 23 individuals and occupies just over 7 acres and consists of a maintenance building with parts storage, a fuel island, tractor and trailer parking, and tire storage. The alternatives analyzed include modifying the existing VMF on site and developing a new site to manage the growing fleet.

The master plan provides a program for the VMF through the year 2027 (10-year) based on growth projections provided by HEB. LAD developed two options for HEB; Option 1 is a 5-phase project that develops the existing site and Option 2 is a three-phase project that develops a new site. An opionion of probable costs was provided for each option.

Option 1– Development of Existing Site
The master plan shows how the existing site could be configured to support the program and allow HEB to remain on site. The expanded VMF will support nearly 300 additional vehicles. The five-phase project allows the VMF to continue its operations without disruption. LAD proposed various construction packages options that could save the client an additional $4.2 million.

Option 2– Development of New Site
This option moves the VMF off site in whole or in part to managet he growing fleet in the coming years develops. The proposed new site includes a 3-phased approach over the same 10-12 Year period. The new VMF would be occupied after phase 1 with no disruption to services provided. This concept includes optional phases to add additional offices and fuel island and expand parking. LAD proposed construction packaging options that could save the client an additional $3.4 million.

At a glance

10-year master plan

700 fleet vehicle maintenance facility

7 acres


A 10-year master plan to accommodate growth projections

Provided client with two options (develop existing site or new site)

Phased approach


Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing



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