Engineering Services – Trinity Metro

Fort Worth, Texas

LAN serves as a sub-consultant team member providing A&E services for Trinity Metro’s transit network. Tasks under this program support the fixed route and on-call services and facilities throughout the transit network, to include commuter rail, bus rapid transit, express bus, bus, paratransit and other modes of service. All tasks are in support of Trinity Metro Master Plan and the achievement of the Five-Year Recommendations to revitalize transit service for Tarrant County, envisioning enhanced services, upgraded facilities, and an expanded service area. The Master Plan was developed to determine the actions that must take to develop a great transit system that truly meets the needs of Fort Worth and Tarrant County.

The agency is focused on catching up to the growth that has already occurred and at the same time plan for continued growth. This is accompanied by a strong commitment to transit throughout the county in support of infrastructure improvements that will take many years to implement.

The mission of Trinity Metro is to provide safe, reliable, customer-focused, and fiscally-responsible public transportation services to the citizens of Tarrant County. They strive to improve the quality of life for residents and drive economic development in their region. Their vision is to provide transit services that make Tarrant County more livable and support continued economic growth.

At a glance

40% Anticipated Growth over 30 years

Support of 5-Year Master Plan Objectives


Support the fixed route and on-call services and facilities

Revitalize transit service for Tarrant County




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