Air Traffic Control Tower – Denver International Airport

Denver, Colorado

Designers were challenged to create a slender structure that would resist both wind and seismic forces. Wind-tunnel tests were used to establish the proportions of the tower, and chamfered corners of the tower shaft were designed to reduce the “vortex shedding” action of the wind. The tower is located between two underground passenger shuttle tunnels, which required the site designers to structurally coordinate the tower’s foundation with the design of the underground tunnels on either side. When designed, the Denver International Airport control tower was the tallest control tower in North America.

At a glance

327 ft Tower

22,793 SF

850-SF Enlarged CAB


Award of Excellence for Special Use (Concrete) – American Concrete Institute, Rocky Mountain Chapter

Chamfered corners to reduce “vortex shedding”

Site designed to coordinate with train tunnels

Designed to withstand wind and seismic forces

Tallest tower in North America at the time of construction



Construction Management & Inspection

Land & Site Develeopment


Federal Aviation Administration

At 327

feet tall, it was the highest ATCT in North America at the time of its construction.

Denver International Airport is by far the largest land area commercial airport in the United States.

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