David A. Koch Office & Warehouse – Graco Inc.

Rogers , Minnesota

Graco, Inc., a manufacturer of fluid-handling components and systems with worldwide distribution, upgraded and consolidated facilities for its Contractor Equipment Division. The facility design merged a 50,000 SF office with a 275,000 SF warehouse, while maintaining visual identity for the office component. Daylighting was incorporated throughout, improving lighting for assembly, presenting a more pleasant working environment, and reducing energy costs.
The plant houses material storage, manufacturing, product assembly, and product storage and distribution. The office contains facilities for product design, research and development, a model shop, nine product-life test cells, customer demonstration area, and technical support staff workstations. The project was completed in 12 months from design concept through construction and remained within budget.

At a glance

325,000 SF


Daylighting design

Completed on tight, 12-month schedule

Delivered on-time and within budget



MEP Engineering

Interior Design

Contract Documents


Graco, Inc.

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