Critical Care Facility Commissioning – Children’s Medical Center Southlake

Dallas TX

The Southlake Specialty Care Facility is a neighborhood medical facility providing health care assistance and day surgery in a suburban environment. This 32,000 SF facility has two operating/catheter labs which require the host of medical gases. LAN provided enhanced commissioning to support the Children’s Medical Center to achieve a LEED Silver Rating. Systems included HVAC, plumbing, lighting controls, emergency generator, medical gas systems, and security systems.

The commissioning process for the facility began in the pre-design phase. As the commissioning authority, LAN was the Owner’s advocate from design and construction through occupancy. Upon substantial completion, LAN continued representing the Owner and conducted a 10-month review to ensure that the operations personnel were satisfied with all aspects of operation.

At a glance

Commissioning authority for Specialty Care Facility

32,000 SF facility

Surgery/ operating suites and catheter labs




Lighting controls

Emergency generator

Medical gas systems

Security systems




Children’s Medical Center Southlake

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