Airport Security Screening Upgrades – Transportation Security Administration

Nationwide, U.S.

As the prime designer under two contract with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), LAN has provided design services for security checkpoint upgrades at 290+ airports across the nation. The projects have included site investigation and design of security modifications for more than 147 Western Region airports and 145 Eastern Region airports.

LAN’s scope of work includes site report development for necessary requirements and anticipated physical modifications to install state-of-the-art equipment in passenger screening points managed by the TSA. Equipment includes whole-body imagers, advanced technology baggage screening, bottle liquid scanners, and automated credential recognition.

The project also includes maintaining and updating the TSA Checkpoint Design Guide to reflect the emerging technology and revised operational procedures to guide terminal design architects as these technologies are incorporated into new and renovated terminals.

At a glance

Security checkpoint improvements

290+ U.S. airports

State-of-the-art technologies


Advanced technology baggage screening

Whole-body imagers

Credential recognition

Explosive detection equipment

Walk-through metal detectors

Bottle liquid scanners


Site investigation

Safety/security design

Electrical engineering

Mechanical engineering

Structural engineering


Transportation Security Administration

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