Client University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Zale Lipshy Hospital Chilled Water System Optimization

Dallas, TX

The Zale Lipshy Hospital chilled water system was originally built in 1988 to provide chilled water to the Hospital. Upon discovering that the current plant configuration was not operating at optimal performance level, UT Southwestern contacted LAN to perform a study to increase the system’s efficiency and reliability. The analysis included a review and evaluation of the current chiller plant operations, control sequences, building automation trend data, and information obtained from facility staff interviews.

LAN proposed three operational sequencing recommendations based on energy efficiency and the mechanical reliability of the system. LAN engineers also provided guidelines for improving future chiller plant operations that would yield a 20-30% savings in energy for the Hospital.

At a glance

Chilled water system build in 1988

3 chillers

148-bed acute care hospital

20-30% energy savings recommendation


Chilled water system analysis

Operational sequencing recommendations

Sensor additions, relocation, and replacements

Future equipment upgrades and modifications to secondary piping system


Condition Assessment

MEP Engineering