Client University of Texas Medical Branch

University of Texas Medical Branch MEP Mitigation

Galveston, TX

When Hurricane Ike blew ashore in 2008, it submerged much of Galveston Island, including the UTMB campus. Although protective measures were implemented prior to the storm, many emergency power systems failed as conductors and switch gear were overcome by water.

The generator replacements project interfaced with several other mitigation projects on campus and was part of a complete solution implemented by UTMB using FEMA disaster recovery funds. LAN was contracted to design a solution to provide emergency power to ten buildings in the healthcare core of the campus. LAN initially conducted record drawing research and field investigations to piece together an overall picture of the current emergency power solutions for the buildings, which included generators, transfer switches, switch gear and conductors for all emergency power systems. LAN recommended power monitoring and collected data to support load analysis for the generator plant, and more than 30 ATS were instrumented to collect this data.

LAN also investigated nine different physical locations for a new generator plant and developed a cost-benefit analysts and decision matrix for each location. Once the location was defined, LAN used ROI analyses to show UTMB that a medium voltage distribution system was more cost effective than the incumbent low voltage system. The new plant provides 3MW of electrical power for the healthcare core and is designed to withstand hurricane force winds and provide a covered muster area for the trauma center to use for gross decontamination or other critical functions.

At a glance

3 MW of electrical power provided

10 different buildings studied

$12 MM Project


Designed to withstand hurricane force winds




Healthcare Facilities


Structural Engineering