Client Memorial City Redevelopment Authority, TIRZ 17

Houston, Texas

LAN designed 3,600 LF of roadway reconstruction along Lumpkin Road to meet current geometric requirements due to safety considerations. The project also includes pedestrian access to Houston Community College, improvements to traffic operations, and replacement of aging public utilities. A key project component included innovative drainage improvements to meet City of Houston criteria while utilizing the adjacent City infrastructure to benefit the area.The existing drainage system serving Lumpkin Road did not meet minimum City drainage criteria. LAN designed dual 8- by 8-foot storm boxes, and a connection from the Lumpkin Road trunk line to an adjacent detention basin that was not fully utilizing its available capacity.

The existing basin was lowered to match the lowered trunkline outfall, taking advantage of the full 29 acre-feet of additional detention. This solution meets City criteria (2- and 100-year) and benefits the surrounding community by reducing structural flooding.

At a glance

$13.5 million
29 acre-feet of additional detention
Dual 8- by 8-foot storm boxes
3,600 LF of roadway improvements




Stormwater Management

"[LAN has] been very accommodating and responsive to our concerns, and communication with all their site and safety managers has been outstanding since the start of the project."
- Rose Sarzoza-Pena, M.ED Campus Manager, Houston Community College

"Lockwood, Andrews and Newnam (LAN), is the firm of record for the TIRZ 17 CIP, Lumpkin Road and Westview Detention Basin Improvements. Early in the design phase it was determined that a major transmission water line connector would be impacted. To complicate matters a private utility line was in conflict. LAN engineers worked diligently with all parties involved to assure that the impact was minimized, time constraints were met and the project moved forward according to schedule."
- Ann Givens TIRZ 17 Board Chair