Client Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

Lake Somerville State Park Assessment & Renovations

Somerville, TX

LAN performed assessments and design services to renovate multiple facilities at  the Nails and Birch Creek Units at Lake Somerville State Park. LAN assessed overall damage within each unit to determine whether public access could be restored after recent flooding. Following the assessment, LAN provided recommendations for the rehabilitation of various structures at the two units.

The assessment included a report detailing overall damage and recommendations for the rehabilitation of damaged structures. Facilities included coastal/shore facilities, sidewalks & paving, campsites, restrooms, and picnic pavilions. Following the assessment, LAN designed  improvements and extensions including sidewalk access, and pavement marking, as well as modifications to campsites, restrooms, and picnic pavilions to meet ADA requirements. The project also included roadway plans, drainage facilities, traffic control plans, a stormwater pollution prevention plan, utility design, pavement design, and cost estimating.

At a glance

Damage assessment & renovations

Coastal/ shore facilities

Sidewalks & paving

Campsites and picnic pavilions




Roadway plans


Drainage facilities

Signing and striping layouts

Traffic control plan

Stormwater pollution prevention plan


Disaster Recovery & Mitigation