Client Tarrant County College District

Tarrant County College District Facility Condition Assessment

Ft. Worth, TX

LAN recently performed a system-level facilities assessment at the Tarrant County College District's Northeast campus, totaling to 285,000 SF of facilities. LAN is assisting the District customize the data to generate multiple scenarios based on the feasibility of maintaining or replacing each building or building component. Ultimately, the customized reports generated will be used to support the District's funding requests. Additionally, LAN is providing the District with software training so that District personnel can continue to customize the data to generate 5, 10, 20, or 40-year feasibility studies for future master planning. LAN assessed a total of nine different facility-types including academic classrooms, administrative offices, health and physical education spaces, an instructional media center, a student center, and maintenance support facilities.

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285,000 SF facilities assessed

9 facility types


Master planning

Customized reporting

Client training


Condition Assessment