Client Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department

Design Criteria Package for the Replacement/Rehabilitation of a 72-inch Sewage Force Main

Miami, Florida

Following the catastrophic failure of an existing 72-inch force main, LAN was selected to assist MDWASD as Owner’s Representative for the preparation of a Design Criteria Package for the force main’s rehabilitation or replacement. Initial Design-Build (D-B) replacement costs for this project were budgeted around $40M, assuming cut and cover in this dense urban neighborhood. LAN identified more than $25M in cost savings, expedited hazardous repairs for the community, and minimized construction impacts of this critical and visible project.

The catastrophic failure of this force main caused a serious health risk and environmental hazard and the project was expedited to address the public health and safety issues. The existing force main was located under streets in a heavilypopulated,single family residential area. Conventional cut and cover replacement would have taken much longer, been highly disruptive, and more expensive. The effective use of D-B, with the development of a strong DCP allowed MDWSD to move quickly with confidence in resolving this problem. LAN provided the necessary services with experience and understanding for this to occur.

At a glance

$15 million construction cost
$25 million cost savings below original budget
3.5 miles


Accelerated review and selection of Design-Build team$25M of construction cost savings based on design using trenchless construction method

Effective development of Design Criteria Packages to ensure the successful delivery of 6-month construction schedule

Minimized impacts to a heavily-populated area along the project alignment


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