Client Edna Independent School District

Edna, TX

LAN provided pre-bond services for the passage of a $12.9 million bond referendum and was program manager for the subsequent reinvention of the junior high school campus and a new elementary school. LAN served the District throughout planning, programming, design, and construction of the project, serving as the District’s representative and trusted advisor through the ribbon cutting. The project consisted of removal of an older education facility and replacement with a new 27,000 SF classroom building that both modernized and unified the campus.

LAN’s management efforts resulted in significant benefits recognized by the District Board of Trustees and Administration. These benefits included program savings through value engineering efforts and the incorporation of additional projects that were achievable, in large part, because scope creep was not permitted.

LAN was further able to provide the District with valuable expertise regarding construction materials testing and material quality. Our team reviewed testing reports for soils and masonry materials and provided advice to the District on means to control construction quality and long-term durability. Our ability to evaluate testing reports and suspect soil and masonry materials originally provided equipped the District with information and recommendations necessary to effectively and knowledgeably control construction quality. This ultimately minimized long-term risk and increased savings and value.

At a glance

$12.9 million bond program
Reinvented Junior High School campus
New 27,000 SF Elementary School
$180K project savings & value added


Pre-bond services
Construction materials testing & quality
Deferred maintenance
Upgrades & renovations to aging facilities
Management of design through construction


Bond Program Management