Client Alamo Community Colleges District

Alamo Community Colleges District Program Management

San Antonio, TX

LAN has continuously served Alamo Community College District (ACCD) since 2006 and has helped to improve operating efficiency through aggressive facility growth as an extension of the District's internal staff.

LAN first served ACCD by performing a comprehensive, objective assessment of the District's facilities maintenance and operations department. LAN worked with department management to identity appropriate staffing levels, best practices, and potential operational changes, which helped ACCD minimize annual impacts to operations budgets when new facilities were brought online.

LAN has also served ACCD by performing numerous studies and plans. One notable effort was a detailed evaluation of current parking operations throughout the District, where LAN provided an operational assessment and recommendations for widespread change to manage supply and demand. This effort concluded with the adoption of new parking rates and revenue policy that is sure to improve parking lot service, management, and maintenance.

Other efforts have included development of business plans for potential facility ventures. LAN's evaluated the need and complete assessment of operational expenses and revenues for a truck driving training program, a new space education center, and a new childcare facility.

LAN's service to the ACCD continues with the maintenance of our previously assembled District-wide facilities condition assessment, where LAN is working with District personnel to maintain an asset condition foundation to optimize facility management and preventive maintenance budgets.

At a glance

5.6 million sf of facilities assessed and annually maintained/updated in assessment database

More than 200 facilities in asset portfolio

Estimated asset replacement value of $1.15 billion

Nearly $250 million in identified facility requirements

Annual reporting with budget-based facility condition index projections

Annual budgeting of approximately $15 million


Fact-driven reports, memos, and commentary produced through intimate familiarity with asset portfolio

Annual facilities planning and preventive maintenance budgeting support

Trusted facilities and staffing/personnel performance advisor


Planning & Modeling

Bond Program Management